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We pride ourselves on being a cost-effective means by which you and your loved ones are able to achieve feeling and healing better!


Individual Insurance

We attempt to remove the hassle from using your insurance. We’ll happily verify your coverage benefits, but please remember, benefits quoted to us by your insurance company are not a guarantee of payment. We will file your claim, await payment for 90 days, and if your company pays the benefits they quoted us, the only services you will be responsible for are any non-covered services, deductibles, co-pays, or co-insurances. If you have any questions regarding your financial responsibilities, never hesitate to ask.

Patients Without Insurance

For patients without insurance or those whose plans have limited coverage, we offer several plans to prevent the buildup of a large bill. These plans vary in options to provide maximum care without undue financial difficulty. If you fall under this category, please inquire about these types of options. For your convenience, we accept cash as well as most credit/debit cards.

We do accept assignment from Medicare. For chiropractors, the only covered service is “manual manipulation of the spine” or an adjustment; Medicare pays 80% of the allowable fee once the deductible has been met. This means you are required to pay the deductible and the remaining 20% as well as any non-covered services; these non-covered services will be reviewed with you at the time you sign an ABN. Our office completes and files the forms for Medicare at no charge. Please inform us if you have any secondary or supplemental insurance.

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