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Patient Testimonials

My family loves Dr. Logan. My girls--ages 8 and 4--ask weekly to go get adjusted! Dr. Logan is amazing! - Michelle, 39 

Dr. Logan is fantastic as a chiropractor and a person! Her adjustments are always spot on! - Laurel Ann, 25

Dr. Logan is awesome! I went to her office today and could not breathe because my back was hurting so badly. She used the Rapid Release on me as well as an adjustment. I feel like a new person! Thank you so much! - Barbara, 46

Our whole family loves Dr. Logan! I am so glad we found her! My headaches are way down! My daughter is hooked, too. Not only does she love being adjusted but she is staying motivated in school since she has decided to follow in Dr. Logan's footsteps! Thanks for the fantastic care and inspiration! - Sandy, 58

AWESOME Chiropractor! Dr. Logan is great at her craft, and I recommend her as she is a fantastic person as well. Rock on, doc! - Kevin, 34 

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