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What should I expect at my first visit?


There are many misconceptions about chiropractic care in general. Your first visit is all about getting to know you as an individual and tailor a specific plan of care based on your personal needs! You will be asked to fill out a short life history so the doctor can become more familiar with you and your background. The new patient intake form can be downloaded for your convenience and brought with you to your first visit. A short introduction to chiropractic care will follow the paperwork.



The consultation is next! After a brief explanation of chiropractic care, a consulation and history will be taken on any complaints you may have. From the information gathered, the doctor will be able to design a care plan that is unique to you and your personal goals for care.



A neuro-spinal examination will then be performed to evaluate the specific problem and determine how your body is functioning. No adjustment will be given until we are sure we can help you!



After obtaining information from the examination, specific adjustments will be made to the areas found by the doctor.  The chiropractor is skilled in utilizing many techniques, so you can feel assured the best methods are being used for you!



We know you're busy; save yourself some time! Complete your paperwork using the link below

Please note that an appointment is required for the first visit.

Call 864-574-8881 for scheduling

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